Imaging Center

The CT unit found in the imaging center at Cape Fear Otolaryngology is both state-of-the-art and locally accessible.

Often patients wonder why they need a CT scan; A CT scan can assist your physician in finding any bone, tissue, and blood vessel issues.
By providing a computer generated tomography, the ct_machineCT scan can expedite the process from beginning to end. Your care is our priority and with the ability to x-ray from many different angles, we are provided a 3-D image that helps us more easily and accurately diagnose many health problems (i.e. cancer, infection, trauma, etc.)

CT scans are not only quick, taking only about 10-15 minutes, they are also safe for those who may not be able to undergo an MRI. If you are pregnant, please inform your physician or technologist prior to the exam.

We will review the exam along with your prior medical history to give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

When preparing for your CT Scan, please refrain from wearing, or be prepared to remove, belts, earrings, bras, glasses, dentures, hairpins, zippers and snaps. You may be asked to wear a gown. By following these simple guidelines, it helps insure that your CT scan will be accurate.